Austin Gebauer

Software Engineer | HashiCorp | Seattle, WA

Bitwise Tricks in Go

Published May 22, 2020

This post contains a collection of problems that I’ve solved using bitwise operators in Go. I’ll be trying to keep the examples as practical as possible. I plan to continue updating this post as I find more examples to share with you-all.

Bitwise Operators

Go provides operators that perform bitwise logical and bit shift operations on integer types.

The bitwise logical operators are:

&    bitwise AND
|    bitwise OR
^    bitwise XOR
&^   bit clear (AND NOT)

The bit shift operators are:

<<   left shift    integer << unsigned integer
>>   right shift   integer >> unsigned integer

String contains unique lowercase alphabet characters

This function uses bitwise operators << (left shift), & (AND), and | (OR) to tell if a string contains all unique lowercase alphabet characters.